Craft fair

Back in December 2011, I decided to use my newfound embroidery skills to stitch up a few things to sell at a craft fair. I made a bunch of Christmas ornaments (mostly shaped like cats):

These guys were my favorites. I sold almost all the stuff I made which was really exciting. Another favorite piece (my first big embroidery project) was this rock and roll squid:

I was sad to see it go!

First embroidery project

About a year ago I decided to teach myself embroidery since I needed a new artistic venture that didn't take up too much space. After a bit of searching, I found Mary Corbet's Needle 'N Thread, which was a great place to get started. I gathered some supplies, watched some of her stitch videos, and off I went! This was my first project:

A little bunny in stem stitch. I just drew the bunny right on my scrap of fabric with a pencil and stitched over it. After using Tumblr to share photos of my art for a while, I'm switching to this blog to track my stitchy exploits, share things in the world of embroidery that interest me as well as other crafty projects I'm working on.