Spring is coming

Spring is coming, but so is the season premiere of Game of Thrones! Here's a little direwolf illustration I made for a friend who is also a GoT fan. It would be fun to do some GoT-themed embroidery too.


Wedding invitations

Here's an illustration I did for my wedding invitations. The wedding is safari theme, so I did a border of some plants and flowers native to Africa and various tropical locations. It's watercolor paint outlined with a brush pen.


Embroidered coat

I love how embroidery looks on felt/wool. This embroidered coat in these photos by fashion blogger Calivintage is really striking.


Gorey Stitchalong pt. 2

Slowly but surely getting it filled in. I'm just using one strand to get that sketchy, pen and ink look that is essential to capturing the Gorey style. I think I'll work on it some more today!

Gorey stitchalong continues


The Sasquatch

This is still one of my favorite pieces of embroidery I've done. It was a Christmas gift for my fiancĂ©. He's done in wool thread on linen. Maybe I'll do a cryptozoology series?

The image is based on this video, in case you aren't a bigfoot enthusiast:


Embroidered collars

I've seen some really awesome embroidered shirts, both vintage and recently stitched. My favorites are usually denim or chambray shirts, and I especially like embroidered collars. Here are two great ones:

Embroidered chambray shirt by Alexandrine Lemaire (above) and a vintage embroidered shirt by Loves2Stitch2 (below).

I bought a plain denim shirt at Target recently so I can try my hand at an embroidered collar. Now to decide on a pattern...


Edward Gorey Illustration Stitchalong

As soon as I heard about the Illustration Stitchalong co-hosted by Follow the White Bunny and Cherry and Cinnamon I knew it would be a great choice for my first stitchalong. The first choice of illustrator was Edward Gorey, whose illustrations I already knew and loved. It's been great to keep up with everyone's progress so far! I chose an illustration from Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, written by T.S. Eliot and illustrated by Gorey. It's from the poem Mr. Mistoffelees (the original conjuring cat) and shows him with seven kittens and a top hat. Here's the original illustration:

Mr. Mistoffelees
So far I've got the outline done and started stitching on the big guy. More updates on my progress to follow!

Gorey stitchalong progress



I recently participated in the Phat Quarter Tiny Things swap. This was my first swap and I had a lot of fun deciding what to make for my swap partner.  I decided on a bumblebee with a french knot body:

I loved the swap piece I got, which was a vintage handkerchief with a super tiny bird on it. I can't wait for the next swap!