Collar Project

While searching for just the right piece of jewelry to wear with my wedding dress, I happened upon this gold mesh beaded 1950's collar on Etsy. Though it was all the way in England and looking a little worse for wear (some of the beading had come off, loose threads, etc) I decided that it was just the thing I needed to put the finishing touch on my wedding ensemble.

Since the beading was somewhat lopsided, I decided to start from scratch and remove all the gold pearls and rhinestones. I plan to redistribute and reattach them on the collar and then add a clasp. Next step: planning the layout for the beading.

Photos by Gloria Days Vintage, via the original Etsy listing


Phat Quarter Blinded by Science Swap

My swap piece finally made its way to Northern Ireland into the hands of Cherry and Cinnamon, so I can post pictures! Since Bridgeen said she liked odd creatures, I stitched an okapi (okapia johnstoni), one of my favorite unusual animals.

I used a picture from Wikipedia (and you can find out more about the okapi on Arkive). Now, on to the embroidery! I embroidered my okapi illustration in reddish brown and black threads onto a canvas totebag.


Omut Naive

Some amazing embroidered clothes from the Omut Naive lookbook, discovered via Les Yeux sans Visage