From My Home to Yours Pt. 2

A while ago I participated in my friend Kim's art project entitled From My Home to Yours. I thought I'd share a photo Kim took of the finished apron!

From My Home to Yours project

I used wool thread to stitch a different pattern on each letter, then used the little drawing of a sandwich Kim made as an applique. Finally, I added a little arrow and a bow made from the velvet ribbon that was included in the kit. I like the way it came out, and Kim did too. See more about her work and recent installation on her website.



Lately my eye has been drawn to projects and images that involve sashiko stitching. I love the look of the white thread on indigo fabric and have been wanting to try out this technique myself. I find it really cool that sashiko can be used to repair garments as well:

I found this embroidery project from Design Sponge using the running stitch that makes up sashiko patterns with the addition of different colored floss to create an ombre effect. I just might try this one!

This post from Feeling Stitchy put the idea of combining embroidery and tie-dye in my mind.

Further searching revealed that there is a Japanese dyeing technique similar to tie dye that also uses the indigo and white color scheme - shibori. Here's a beautiful example:

So much inspiration for one post! Hopefully soon I'll be able to post a sashiko project of my own.

Image credits: Dungarees via Sanforized / Scarf via Design*Sponge / Bunny stitched by Sandy Chidester, pattern by isewcute via Feeling Stitchy / Shibori via Folk Fibers / 


Works in Progress

I've finally got a couple of new embroideries in the works! First, my very belated contribution to the July-September Illustration Stitch A Long. I was excited for the choose your own illustrator one, but after getting married in July and changing jobs twice in August and September, embroidery was put on the back burner. I still wanted to do it though, and I picked Quentin Blake as my illustrator. One of my favorite Roald Dahl books is Matilda, so I chose Blake's illustration of her.

Here's the little bit I've done so far!

Matilda WIP

Matilda WIP

So I can catch up, I also started working on my Dr. Seuss embroidery, which is the next quarter's theme. I picked this guy: I love his smug expression and that Seuss's titled it "Pinkish Cat on Greenish Pot". I'm planning to tint him a bit with some watercolors. Here's my tracing on the lightbox:

Dr. Seuss WIP

More to come soon!