Lately my eye has been drawn to projects and images that involve sashiko stitching. I love the look of the white thread on indigo fabric and have been wanting to try out this technique myself. I find it really cool that sashiko can be used to repair garments as well:

I found this embroidery project from Design Sponge using the running stitch that makes up sashiko patterns with the addition of different colored floss to create an ombre effect. I just might try this one!

This post from Feeling Stitchy put the idea of combining embroidery and tie-dye in my mind.

Further searching revealed that there is a Japanese dyeing technique similar to tie dye that also uses the indigo and white color scheme - shibori. Here's a beautiful example:

So much inspiration for one post! Hopefully soon I'll be able to post a sashiko project of my own.

Image credits: Dungarees via Sanforized / Scarf via Design*Sponge / Bunny stitched by Sandy Chidester, pattern by isewcute via Feeling Stitchy / Shibori via Folk Fibers / 


  1. That bunny is beautiful, did you do him?

  2. I didn't! I found him on Feeling Stitchy (link at the end of the post) but I'd really like to try an embroidery on dyed fabric like that.