Works in Progress

I've finally got a couple of new embroideries in the works! First, my very belated contribution to the July-September Illustration Stitch A Long. I was excited for the choose your own illustrator one, but after getting married in July and changing jobs twice in August and September, embroidery was put on the back burner. I still wanted to do it though, and I picked Quentin Blake as my illustrator. One of my favorite Roald Dahl books is Matilda, so I chose Blake's illustration of her.

Here's the little bit I've done so far!

Matilda WIP

Matilda WIP

So I can catch up, I also started working on my Dr. Seuss embroidery, which is the next quarter's theme. I picked this guy: I love his smug expression and that Seuss's titled it "Pinkish Cat on Greenish Pot". I'm planning to tint him a bit with some watercolors. Here's my tracing on the lightbox:

Dr. Seuss WIP

More to come soon!

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