Illustration Stitch a Long Updates

Since my last post on this subject, I finished two embroideries for the Illustration Stitch a Long. The first was this simple black outline of Quentin Blake's Matilda (from the Roald Dahl book).


I even framed her for my desk at work.

Matilda in frame

My next piece to complete was my Dr. Seuss embroidery. I was a little tired of doing black outlines, so I decided to mix it up and use colored wool thread instead. The colors aren't quite the same as the original, but I like the way it came out.

Pinkish cat

I really like Paternayan wool yarn and have done quite a few embroideries with it, but I had heard it was being discontinued. I recently found out that the Saco River Dye House is going to start producing it, so I'm happy that I don't have to hoard my stash!

Pinkish cat detail

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