I can't say I've ever posted a "throw back Thursday" picture anywhere else, but I thought I'd put up a picture of one of my very first embroidery projects, since it's only about a month until Easter (I've already been stocking up on Cadbury eggs...) and this bunny isn't on the blog.

Crewel bunny

I was practicing some basic stitch techniques when I made this - but I still love the french knot tail!

French knot tail

I might just have to stitch another bunny before Easter Sunday this year.


Phat Quarter Bestiary Swap

I participated in yet another fun Phat Quarter Swap, this time over on Weave. The theme was "Bestiary", and it was a lot of fun picking which animal (real or fantastical) to stitch. I wanted to try sashiko stitching, so I picked a Japanese creature: the kappa.

I used the picture above for reference, according to Wikipedia it's a detail of a bestiary from Hokusai. I liked the more friendly-looking kappa, some of them were pretty creepy looking!

I made a sketch and translated it into sashiko-like stitches. On some sections I used the traditional sashiko running stitch, and some I used seed stitch. I really love the way it turned out!

Sashiko Kappa

I got a really cool piece from my fellow stitcher Lizzibabe, a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, The Last Unicorn, along with a stylized harpy.

I couldn't resist looking for a screenshot of the scene with the harpy and the unicorn. It made me want to watch this movie again right away!

Unicorn: That one is real. That is the harpy, Celaeno.

Schmendrick: Yes, the old woman caught her by chance, the same way she took you. Oh, she should never have meddled with a real harpy! Or a real unicorn for that matter. Because the truth melts her magic, always.



Here's my finished direwolf!


Lots of tiny stitches...one of the most frustrating bits was picking out the stitches around the eyes because they were too thick, but it turned out much better than it would have if I had left it.


Now I'm moving on to the next part of the embroidery, a dragon done in shades of red. Here's a WIP shot from a while back (I have the whole outline finished now):

Dragon WIP