Phat Quarter Bestiary Swap

I participated in yet another fun Phat Quarter Swap, this time over on Weave. The theme was "Bestiary", and it was a lot of fun picking which animal (real or fantastical) to stitch. I wanted to try sashiko stitching, so I picked a Japanese creature: the kappa.

I used the picture above for reference, according to Wikipedia it's a detail of a bestiary from Hokusai. I liked the more friendly-looking kappa, some of them were pretty creepy looking!

I made a sketch and translated it into sashiko-like stitches. On some sections I used the traditional sashiko running stitch, and some I used seed stitch. I really love the way it turned out!

Sashiko Kappa

I got a really cool piece from my fellow stitcher Lizzibabe, a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, The Last Unicorn, along with a stylized harpy.

I couldn't resist looking for a screenshot of the scene with the harpy and the unicorn. It made me want to watch this movie again right away!

Unicorn: That one is real. That is the harpy, Celaeno.

Schmendrick: Yes, the old woman caught her by chance, the same way she took you. Oh, she should never have meddled with a real harpy! Or a real unicorn for that matter. Because the truth melts her magic, always.


  1. I am really liking your kappa piece. Using sashiko-like stitches was a really clever move.

  2. Thanks! I got a pretty big piece of the blue linen I used (thanks, Jo Ann remnants bin) so I'm already itching to do another one like this.

  3. Thanks again for the kappa piece! I still totally love it! :)