Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki's blog is always a source of inspiration for me. I just love her intricate illustrations for this Folio Society version of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas. Just seeing this one makes me want to read the book:

Another of my favorite projects of hers is a series of embroidered book covers she did for Penguin a few years ago. I have The Secret Garden - it's really neat how they embossed the design so it still has some texture even though it's a printed version of the original.

Images via Jillian Tamaki's blog here and here.


Cut Paper

I keep coming across really awesome cut paper art on some of the blogs I read (also, try typing in "cut paper" on Pinterest or Flickr - amazing!). Here are a few that really got some creative inspiration going in my mind:

By Maud Vantours via The Jealous Curator

"Arya Dreams of Red Fields and Battle" by Meghan Stratman also via The Jealous Curator

By Elsa Mora via All About Papercutting (looks like a good place to start if I want to try this out!)

By Miso via Miss Moss (also love her embroidery and tattoos!)


Cool Dude

The recent sunny weather we've been having in my neck of the woods put me in mind of this watercolor portrait I did awhile ago of my dog in sunglasses. Animal portraits are one of my favorite things to illustrate, and I recently found a really cute embroidered one on Pinterest...I think this cool dude would look great in stitches!