Blog Hop

It's like a chain letter, but way more fun because no one is threatening bad luck for the rest of your life if you don't do it! Jessica from Paperstitch tagged me for this blog hop, so here are my answers:

What are you working on?

All kinds of things. It's so hard to focus on one thing when there is so much inspiration out there! Specifically, I'm attempting to learn sashiko, though I haven't done any of the really complicated patterns in this book yet. I used the style to lend some Japanese flair to my bestiary swap piece and made this little stuffed cloud just for fun:

I recently tried out macramé and I think I might give weaving a try next. I love embroidery on clothing, and I have a few items I plan to embellish. For my first attempt, I used french knots to decorate the collar of this chambray shirt:

I haven't picked up this Game of Thrones embroidery piece in a while, but when I took it out to snap a picture I got excited about the idea of working on it again.

I have a few illustrations in the works, including a watercolor for my friend's baby's room. Here's a peek at my sketch of a baby beluga whale:

How does you work differ from others of its genre?

Nothing too groundbreaking, I mostly just create things that I think up in my head, so they're different than the things other people think up. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and have developed my own style over the years.

Why do you create what you do?

Since I have a "day job" I make things mostly just to please myself, because I like to look at pretty things, and because I enjoy having something creative to work on. I also love giving handmade gifts.

How does your creative process work?

It depends. Sometimes I'll come up with a random image that I just have to draw or stitch. I might see something cool online that I'd rather make than buy. Other times I'll see someone else's work or look at an embroidery book or blog and be inspired by that. If I have creative block, I find that participating in themed swaps or stitchalongs is great for getting some ideas flowing! Once inspiration strikes, I do some sketches, sometimes using reference photos, and then plot out the colors I'm going to use (either in watercolor or thread).

For next week...

I follow SO many cool blogs and they are one of my main sources of inspiration.

I first came across Sewphie's work when we were both participating in the Illustration Stitchalong on Flickr (we should really revive this, by the way). Check out her cute yet creepy Edward Gorey skeleton pillowcase. Update: here's her blog hop post!

I found Floresita's blog through Feeling Stitchy. I especially like her Three Things Thursday posts and the gorgeous photos of the feral cats that live in her neighborhood. Seriously, these cats are like some of the best-looking cats you've ever seen. Update: here's her blog hop post!

Last but not least, I "met" Olisa aka Cocoaeyes through the Mr. X Stitch Phat Quarter swaps and I think it's so cool how she combines watercolor and stitching (two of my favorite things!). We live in the same state, maybe we will bump into each other someday.

Have fun guys, the chain letter is now in your possession.


  1. I love the french knots on the shirt collar. Looks sharp!