Drawing practice 2

I finished another week of Spoonflower Challenge prompts! I added some color this time. The theme this time was text and type, so I tried to incorporate that into each drawing. The prompts were: lemon (above) / book / arrow / tea / toast


Flossy the unicorn

I never knew I needed a floss holder...until now!


Drawing practice

I've been thinking about how I need to make time to draw more often, so when I came across the Spoonflower Drawing Challenge on Hugs are Fun the other day I though it would be just the thing! I finished the first week of prompts, and am going to catch up with the current week. I had so much fun doing these drawings, it's a great way to get creativity flowing.

The prompts so far have been: cactus (above) / mountain / tree / landscape / river


Art in the library

I love to find ways to use my artistic talents at work, so when my boss asked me to paint a mural on the wall, I was really excited. He specifically wanted a diagram of different cuts of meat on a pig (it's a culinary school library) so I did a little research, made a drawing, and added the text.

Here's how it turned out!