Wedding art!

I haven't been blogging much (I had a baby in July!) but thought I'd pop in to share this illustration I did for my sister in law's wedding guest book with my multitudes of readers (ha).


& Stitches Freaky Flowers Swap

Long time no see! I've taken a long break from embroidering - not on purpose, just because I've been busy doing other things. I recently joined a swap hosted by the &Stitches blog to get myself embroidering again. The theme was freaky flowers, and I ended up choosing foxgloves. I remembered their association with fairies from a book of Enid Blyton stories I had as a kid:

This isn't an image from my book, but it's pretty cute regardless! In addition to their magical associations, foxgloves (or digitalis) can be used as a medicine or as poison. Some other names for the flower include: witches' gloves, dead men's bells, fairy's glove, and fairy thimbles. Lots more information on the foxglove can be found at A Modern Herbal. My partner mentioned a love of pink so I thought this would be the perfect choice for her. Here's what I came up with:

The embroidery is done on wool felt with wool embroidery thread from my original drawing. I added in a few other flowery finds to the package for good measure.

Here's hoping my partner enjoys this package as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Foxgloves via The Poison Diaries // Foxglove Fairies via Victoria Stitch



A couple of illustrations I did as Christmas gifts.